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The other of the most important and widely played Lottery Hungary games is the Hatos Lottó – also from Szerencsejatek. The Hatos Lottó – also known as Lotto 6 – has a matrix of 6/45 and is also a typical lottery jackpot style game with a jackpot that increases in size each time it is not won. The Hatoslottó has grown ever popular since its first draw back on October 29th 1988.

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hungary lotto EuroJackpot Lottoszamok - Az EuroJackpot legutóbbi nyerőszámai. EuroJackpot eredmények. Az EuroJackpot számait minden pénteken, Helsinkiben húzzák.

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Hungary lotto results. Please find below the latest results for the popular draw lotteries in Hungary, in particular for Hatoslotto and Otoslotto. Both lotteries offer players rather decent jackpots which are still can hardly be compared with such European flagship game as EuroJackpot, for instance.

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hungary lotto Lotto in Hungary. The lottery in Hungary is organized exclusively by the national lottery association. You can take part if you are of age and live in Hungary. You can fill out your lottery tickets at lottery terminals, online or by SMS. Gambling in Hungary is known for its diversity. Lotto 5 from 90

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Hatoslottó, which holds draws every Sunday, from 3:50pm to 4:15pm, Budapest time, utilizes a 6/45 lottery format. This means that it should be relatively easy for lotto vets to quickly get into the game. Newcomers will find it a breeze to learn, as well. You simply choose 6 main numbers out of 45.

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Hungary lottery history dates back to 1770 then the first Lotto draw was held in the city of Buda. Later a variety of gambling games and lotteries has been managed and held by the National Bank of Hungary (Országos Takarékpénztár). Currently, all lotto games in Hungary are controlled and run by Szerencsejatek company (literally translated

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Latest & Recent Hungary Hatoslotto Results. Latest Hatoslotto Results. 14 June 2020 (Sunday) Jackpot Lottery Winner "I played the recommendation and I won the first prize!" magayo Lotto software user. See the winning lottery tickets of magayo Lotto users. Download magayo Lotto software. Recent Hatoslotto Winning Numbers. 7 June 2020

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